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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 39 - NRL Tweet Player of the Year Awards Podcast 2010

NOT The Footy Show
Episode 39 - NRL Tweet Player of the Year Awards Podcast 2010

|=| They are finally here – The 2010 NRL Tweet Player of the Year Awards! After 26 Regular Season Rounds of the 2010 NRL Premiership – we have six categories to decide and plenty of silverware to hand out. Waz & Nic present the awards from Sydney Entertainment Centre with special guest host who sounds nothing like Jarryd Hayne.

The NRL Tweet Award Categories for 2010 Are:

2010 NRL Tweet Rookie of the Year:
* Our criteria is any player who played no more than 5 NRL Games either in the season prior or in total before 2010.

2010 NRL Tweet State of Origin Player of the Year:
* Readers of would already know who won this Award from the 2010 Origin Series - but we'll re-announce the winner anyway.

2010 NRL Tweet Team of the Year:
* Individual Awards to Fullback, Two Wingers, Two Centres, Five-Eighth, Halfback, Lock, Two Second Rowers, Two Front Rowers and Hooker. Although players may gain votes in different positions - a player must play at least 4 games in each position to gain 'new eligibility for that position' - please note that if in the case of a player polling more votes than another in the same position is able to shift to another position to allow another high voters into the team - this will happen to make sure that as many of the highest vote getters make it into the Team of the Year.

2010 NRL Tweet Mr. Consistency:
* The Player who polled votes in the most number of games during 2010. Be it any number of votes - the sheer number of times they polled will be tallied up.

2010 NRL Tweet Game Breaker:
* The Player who gained the most '8' Votes in 2010 - this meant that both Voters thought this player was the best player on the field.

And finally... the Big One.

2010 NRL Tweet Player of the Year:
* The Player who polled the Most Overall Votes after 26 Rounds of the NRL. Note that no representative game voting is included.

With Waz, Nic & a poor imitation of Jarryd Hayne on NOT The Footy Show.
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