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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NRL 2012: Round 22 Preview - NOT The Footy Show Episode 118 - 01/08/2012

James Blunt drops by with a box of chicken wings.

On this week's NOT The Footy Show Episode 118: Matt Duncan and Nic McInerney join Warrick Nicolson to discuss Watmough's Chicken Wing Fiasco (he was exonerated surprise surprise!), Blunty's Top 5 Footy Moments since Origin, Gasnier's legendary status and Eyes wants Hindy's shorts!

And as always we give you a full odds preview of Round 22 with all our picks (and GT's!) and Special Fried Rice selections.NOT The Footy Show 56 minutes that inform, entertain and drain you of the will to live.
NOT The Footy Show Episode 118
Round 22 NRL Preview - Released Wednesday August 1, 2012

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(It's not 227 mins long - only 56 we promise)

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NOT The Footy Show will release another Podcast next Wednesday night - August 8 with our Round 22 Preview.

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