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Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 NRL Pre-Season Podcast - NOT The Footy Show Episode 146 | 02/02/2014

We're like the Mackinaw Peaches of NRL Podcasting!

DC and Waz catch up for a 2014 NRL Pre-Season chat in early February as NOT The Footy Show gets back underway - in an extremely limited form - for (incredibly) Season Number 5!*

We ask if the NRL has thought all the new NRL Rules completely through? Why Sam Burgess would be smart to go to Rugby; Expose more State of Origin eligibility farcicality; Answer your Facebook Feedback and Wonder if any players or coaches care about the upcoming Auckland Nines?

Join us for a 40 minute slab of pure Rugby League dribble.

*Heck this Episode (#146) might be all you get this season - so savour it!

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  1. Hey Was and DC I have been a listener since the first season and I believe this is the best NRL podcast. I think you could improve your show if you cut the guests and jingles and just hear an hour of Warricks NRL knowledge and DCs rants. I also think you should keep it unedited just like your last episode. I will be listening anyway so I hope you come back weekly. Thnx

    1. Hey Gronkydonk - appreciate the kind words - we're just having fun.

      The show we just did yesterday was about 20 minutes longer than I'd like any show to be (though we weren't short of discussion admittedly) and I put the jingles in for my own sanity - otherwise it is just an hour of my dribble and DC's baseless ranting!

      Glad you like that part of the show but I'd go insane if that was all it is! And I love the rest of our guests to be honest, Matt, Maria, Jake and Nic are always great chats I reckon.

      Thanks heaps for the feedback though - we really enjoy doing the show, I just loathe having to edit it all together every Wed night (which is one reason it went AWOL last year) every single week during the season ontop of the regular grind of the work week.

      But thank you for the praise - we'll take it!

      Cheers again - Warrick


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