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Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 25 - Origin 2 Review + Round 15 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

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Episode 25 - Origin 2 Review + Round 15 NRL Preview Podcast 2010
> Nic & Waz try to pull themselve together in the wake of 5 Straight QLD State of Origin Series Wins... <
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1 > In the wake of State of Origin Game 2... Nic & Waz try and figure out what the result means for not only Origin Football but life as we know it...
2 > Full recap of NSW v QLD in State of Origin 2 - THE MAROONS MAKE IT 5 STRAIGHT!
3 > We talk Origin 2 with Sassy from the Oh Errol girls & she tells us about the new Heart of The Game Newsletter from the NRL.
4 > All the Round 14 Moments coving all the results including what was written on Chris Sandow's wrist band?
5 > Three Big Talking Points -
   a > Timana Tahu & Andrew Johns - After the forgettable incident we ask the question: Should Timana Tahu forgive Andrew Johns?
   b > Players Who Sign Elsewhere Mid-Season - We discuss whether a club should punt them to reggies straight away or use them to try and win a title.
   c > 3D TV - how much better is it than a Full HD TV? - Nic & I tested out a brand spanking new 3D TV for Australia v Germany in the World Cup... the verdict is in.
6 > NRL Tweet Player of the Year Leaderboard after 14 Rounds - Who made a move in Round 14?
7 > Twitter Time - The NRL Tweet has a great follower base and we'll dig out the best of the last week in this segment. Including BREAKING NEWS surrounding the potential for MORE NRL Clubs being caught cheating the Salary Cap by Four Corners.
8 > Plus all our Tips + Previews of NRL Round 15 + Tipping Records + Special Fried Rice Picks this week.
9 > Fantasy NRL Talk will start a campaign to have Terry Campese pay Waz dearly for his ineptness in Round 14, while Nic has agreed to name his first born son Corey Parker McInerney. Plus our 30+ Team Fox Sports League not only has a NOT The Footy Show Fantasy League Perpetual Trophy but we've got someone on the case to construct a take home mini-trophy for the winner in 2010!
10 > Plus whatever else we come across in the next few days on NOT The Footy Show!
Cheers Waz & Nic
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Waz & Nic

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