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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NOT The Footy Show Episode 26 - Round 16 NRL Preview Podcast 2010

NOT The Footy Show
Episode 26 - Round 16 NRL Preview Podcast 2010
> Nic & Waz start the ‘THAXXXX Bellamy!’ Campaign for NSW Coach in 2011… plus all things Round 16 <
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1 > Nic & Waz headed to Leichhardt Oval on Sunday Afternoon for the Raiders v Tigers… a special NOT The Footy Show Video is in the works.
2 > We start the ‘THAXXXX Bellamy!’ Campaign…
3 > An NRL Tweet Poll reveals the 2010 NRL Premiership Favourites as voted by Twitter!
4 > All the Round 15 Moments covering all the results including why Trent Hodkinson is cooler than the other side of the pillow…
5 > Three Big Talking Points -
     a > Mark Gasnier – has he or hasn’t he signed with the St.George-Illawarra Dragons? Plus who gets pushed out when Gasnier comes into the lineup?
     b > The Powers of the Video Ref – what should they be able to rule on vs. what they rule on now.
     c > Is the NRL catching up to the Twitter Revolution… are the NRL Clubs finally getting the idea that Twitter can make a massive difference to their connection to fans?
6 > NRL Tweet Player of the Year Leaderboard after 15 Rounds – Brett Finch breaks into the Top 3!!!
7 > Twitter Time - The NRL Tweet has a great follower base and not only do we discuss the findings of our Premiers’ Poll – but we podcast break the story of Parramatta CEO Paul Osborne getting busted for allegedly stealing from Woolworths!
8 > Plus all our Tips + Previews of NRL Round 16 + Tipping Records + Special Fried Rice Picks this week.
9 > Fantasy NRL Talk… not much stand alone wise but our Preview has some bits and pieces.
10 > Plus we give NRL Tactics a plug – 6:30pm Thursday Nights on Fox Sports!
Cheers Waz & Nic
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Waz & Nic

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